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Was Israel aus dem Georgien-Krieg lernen kann

Posted in Empfehlungen by Mr. Moe on August 18, 2008

Ephraim Sneh, ehemaliger stellvertretender Verteidigungsminister Israels, über Lehren, die Israel aus dem Krieg in Georgien ziehen kann:

The world’s response to the harming of citizens is selective and hypocritical. Had the IDF done in Gaza a tenth of what the Russians did in Georgia, the flood of criticism, condemnations and anti-Israel boycotts would have known no bounds. But when it’s a superpower like Russia, all we see are feeble and polite expressions of regret.


The lessons for us? A small country needs to know the limits of its power, and to apply it wisely when an essential national interest is at stake. We must also rely, in a time of need, only on ourselves – and build up our might in advance, on this principle.

Traurig und keinesfalls neu, aber leider nach wie vor aktuell.

Nachtrag: Yoel Marcus schließt sich Snehs Anaylse an, zieht daraus jedoch andere Schlussfolgerungen:

There is a lesson for Israel in all this: If Israel is dragged into a war, God forbid, it is liable to find itself very much alone. Israel cannot rely on the automatic involvement of America, which did not lift a finger to stop the brutal Russian offensive.


In this new reality, where everything is up in the air, Israel really needs to walk on tiptoe – all the more so with a government on its way out that must do its utmost not to drag the country into actions liable to bring down the wrath of the world


The new reality also requires Israel to exercise greater caution, and above all, to stop being so cocksure that America will stand by us, come what may.

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