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Islamist Extremism and the Murder of Daniel Pearl

Posted in Empfehlungen by Don Homer on Oktober 24, 2009

US-Senator Joseph Lieberman hat bei der vierten jährlichen Gedächtnisvorlesung eine äußerst lesenswerte Rede über die Ermordung des amerikanisch-jüdischen Journalisten Daniel Pearls durch islamistische Terroristen gehalten. Ein Auszug, den die Terror-Apologeten auf der Leserbriefseite der ZEIT, in den europäischen Regierungen und neuerdings auch im Weißen Haus aufmerksam lesen sollten, sei im Folgenden im Original wiedergegeben:

Our responsibility in gathering tonight, I believe, is not only to celebrate the values that defined Danny’s life—but also to confront the terrible reality of his death, and the forces that were responsible for it.

The reason that Danny Pearl died so young is not because of a tragic accident, a sudden illness, or a natural disaster. It is not because of a random act of violence, or common criminality. It is not because of a misunderstanding or a miscommunication.

What ended Danny’s life was a deliberate and calculated act of evil. He was murdered by men who knew what they believed, and who knew what they were doing. What animated and inspired them was not terrorism, which is merely a tactic, but a specific worldview and ideology.

It was the fanatical ideology of Islamist extremism that motivated Daniel Pearl’s killers—an ideology that not only justifies but glorifies and rejoices in shedding the blood of innocents, and that I believe represents the most direct and dangerous threat in the world today to the quintessentially liberal values that Danny Pearl stood for, and that America was founded to stand for.

At the heart of the ideology that motivated Danny Pearl’s killers is not religion but the same totalitarian impulse that we have seen appear and reappear, like a pestilence, across numerous countries and cultures and eras, intensely so during the past hundred years.

It is a belief that the most brutal imaginable violence can eradicate personal freedom, political freedom, and religious freedom and bring about a society in which women are treated as chattel, homosexuals are stoned to death, and Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other religious faiths are marked for oppression if not extinction, and in which everyone is terrorized into conformity as it is defined by a deranged minority.

This is the worldview that caused the murder of Daniel Pearl. It is the pathology that is also responsible for the deaths of countless other innocent men, women, and children, of every religion and race and on almost continent, over the past 30 years—from Bali, Indonesia, in 2002, to Mumbai, India, in November of last year, and from Madrid in 2004 to here in the United States on September 11, 2001.


Part of the perversity of evil is that, the greater its depravity, the greater is our temptation to avert our eyes from it, to look away, to convince ourselves that we cannot possibly be seeing what we are in fact seeing. Indeed, that is one of the reasons such evil persists.

Of course all of us would like to live in a world governed by reason. But the fact is, there are hatreds and pathologies so strong that they cannot be negotiated, or reasoned, or bribed, or loved out of existence. They must be confronted, fought, and defeated—or else they will defeat us. And so it is with Islamist extremism.

Wäre es auch nur denkbar, derart klare und wahre Worte auf der Titelseite einer deutschen (europäischen) Zeitung zu lesen, ohne zugleich mit einem Ansturm entrüsteter Leserbriefe rechnen zu müssen – es käme glatt Hoffnung auf im Kampf gegen die Barbarei.

In diesem Zusammenhang sei auch noch einmal auf den ebenfalls sehr lesenswerten Text von Daniel Pearls Vater Judea Pearl hingewiesen: Daniel Pearl und die Normalisierung des Bösen.

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